Jets’ Sheldon Richardson Celebrates Early, Resulting in 59-yard Run by Fred Jackson (GIF)

sheldon richardson early celebration

With the Buffalo Bills facing a 3rd & 1 from their own 20-yard line in the final minute of the first quarter of yesterday’s game against the New York Jets, coach Doug Marrone decided to run Fred Jackson between the tackles, but  he was stuffed by the Jets’ stout defensive line…or at least that’s what Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson thought.

Unfortunately for him (and much to his surprise), Jackson was able to break away from the pile and run right by Richardson—who was celebrating what he believed was a third-down stop at the time—en route to a 59-yard run to close out the first quarter.

Check it out, and pay close attention to #91 on the Jets:

sheldon richardson early celebration

Luckily for Richardson, the Bills only managed a field-goal on that drive, and the Jets would go on to win the game by a score of 27-20.

That should make it that much easier for Richardson and his teammates to laugh this one off when they review the game film this week.

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