Leafs-Sabres Line Brawl Highlighted by Goalie Fight Between Miller and Bernier (Video)

leafs vs sabres line brawl

The NHL’s chief player disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan will have his hands full today after what transpired at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday during an exhibition game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the visiting Buffalo Sabres.

Four seconds after scoring a goal to cut the Sabres’ deficit to 4-3, Corey Tropp found himself tangled up with the Leafs’ Jamie Devane.  As is often the case in the game of hockey, the result was both players dropping their gloves and settling their differences with their fists.  The only problem with that was the fact that, at 6’0″ and 180 pounds, Tropp was at an awfully big disadvantage against the 6’5″, 217-pound Devane right from the start.

Approximately 13 seconds later, the Sabres’ winger was unconscious on the ice with blood dripping from his head.

One man who didn’t take too kindly to that mismatch was Sabres tough guy John Scott, and the 6’8, 270-pound giant decided to retaliate by going after 6’0″, 200-pound all-star Phil Kessel before the next faceoff could even take place.

So, did Kessel stand there and drop his gloves with Scott?  Nope.  And who could blame him?  We’ve seen Scott beat the living crap out of some of the NHL’s toughest enforcers in the past.  One could only image what he’d do to a guy like Kessel (imagine Scott vs Bolduc, and multiply it by 1000).

Rather than stand there and fight, Kessel managed to give Scott a few two-handed slashes to the ankle before his teammates came to his rescue and a full-fledged line brawl broke out—including an action-packed fight between Sabres goalie Ryan Miller and Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier.

Check it out:

Now, among those players coming to Kessel’s rescue was David Clarkson, who hopped over the Leafs bench in order to get at Scott.  That resulted in a 10-minute penalty for leaving the bench, which also carries an automatic 10-game suspension.  Kessel was also handed a match penalty for his slash, which means his actions will be reviewed by the league and he could receive a suspension from Shanahan as well.  As for Scott, he received five-minutes for fighting and a 10-minute  game misconduct.  In total, over 100-minutes in penalties was handed out as a result of the brawl.

Oh, and the Leafs would go on to win the game by a score of 5-3, but it’s exhibition, so I’m sure no one will care about that.  Not even Leafs fans.

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