Metallica Played ‘Enter Sandman’ Live at Yankee Stadium for Mariano Rivera (Videos)


Legendary New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is about to wrap up his farewell season, and on Sunday the Bronx Bombers held a lavish 50-minute ceremony to celebrate Mo’s career prior to their game against the San Francisco Giants. It included visits from a number of baseball dignitaries, including the widow of the late Jackie Robinson, as well as former Yankees like Joe Torre and Bernie Williams. It also included the giving of several unique gifts (like a Waterford crystal replica of Mo’s glove), a five-minute video tribute, and the unveiling of Rivera’s plaque in the Yankees’ monument park.

However, all of this pomp and circumstance would have been a letdown to Yankees fans if that which had been rumored for weeks—a live performance of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica—didn’t materialize.

Thankfully, it did.

“Enter Sandman,” of course, has been Mariano’s official unofficial theme song since 1999. That season the Yankees’ scoreboard production staff started playing it every time he came into the game from the bullpen. Though Rivera himself was reportedly indifferent to the music selection, fans loved it, and his nickname soon became “The Sandman.”

With Metallica already in town playing a gig the night before the Yankees’ scheduled tribute to Rivera, everyone had been buzzing for weeks about the possibility of the band performing the song live at Yankee Stadium. And on Sunday it happened. They didn’t play the song during the game, of course, but it was still pretty cool.

Unfortunately we don’t yet have a video of the full performance—probably because Metallica hasn’t figured out a way to make money off it. But here are a few snippets:

After the performance, Metallica gave their own gift to Rivera: a signed customized speaker:

metallica rivera speaker

All in all, it was a pretty cool ceremony for a classy guy.

Hat Tip – [Daily News]

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