Fans Brawl During 49ers-Colts Game (Video)

49ers colts fan brawl

San Francisco 49ers fans can be a rowdy bunch, even when their team is winning games.  As for when they’re losing games, well, that’s when they become an extremely rowdy bunch.

That was the case on Sunday, as the 49ers lost their second consecutive game, falling to the Colts by a score of 27-7.  It was the first time the Niners have lost two in a row since Jim Harbaugh became their head coach prior to the start of the 2011 season.  And with the team now 1-2 on the season and injuries continuing to mount for the defending NFC Champions, tempers appear to be getting shorter in the stands at Candlestick Park.

On Sunday, those tempers boiled over, and this brawl involving fans of both teams was the result:

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