BYU Fans Shower Referees with Garbage After Game, Can’t Even Blame Bad Behavior on Beer (Video)

byu fans throw garbage at referees

If you are a student at Brigham Young University, booze, cigarettes, coffee, tea, dancing, short skirts, beards, sideburns and, of course, sex are all forbidden.

Throwing garbage at the referees because you think they caused the football team to lose? That’s fine.

Okay, I’m being facetious. Not about all those rules—BYU really is Mormon, so those are real. But I was being facetious about the fans being allowed to throw garbage. I’m sure that’s not allowed, and I’m sure the administration at BYU is looking into it.

The incident in question came after Saturday’s 20-13 home loss to the rival Utah Utes. Apparently there were several questionable calls that didn’t go in the Cougars’ favor, so after the game the fans let the officials know what they thought of their performance.

Of course, as Deadspin points out, at least they threw nice, soft Mormon garbage and not beers and batteries. And they were probably yelling things like, “Golly gosh darn it, you substandard officiating crew!”

Take a look:

That’s pretty bad behavior for BYU students. I’m surprised they didn’t call out the riot cops.

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