Female Arm Wrestler Snaps Her Arm in Half During a Competition (Video)

female arm wrestler breaks arm in half

You might think that, after you break your arm in half while arm wrestling, you would take a little hiatus from the competitive arm wrestling circuit until you figure out if there’s something seriously wrong with your bones—you know, like osteoporosis, or cancer. Because, you know, bones generally aren’t supposed to just break any time a bit of force is applied to them.

Unfortunately, the woman you are about to see in this video did not arrive at this conclusion. After breaking her right forearm in an arm wrestling match, she got a cast on that baby and went right back to competing with her left arm.

Then that broke in half, too. Like a twig.

You don’t see anything too terribly gruesome in this video of the incident, but good Lord, the sounds are horrifying.

Check it out:

I’m no doctor or anything, but I think this lady is going to want to start drinking more milk and maybe get a bone density scan.

Oh, and stop arm wrestling!!!

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse]

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