Milan Lucic and Joel Rechlicz Deliver Amazing Preseason Hockey Fight (Video)

rechlicz vs lucic hockey fight

Based on what we’ve seen the last few days, someone probably needs to tell NHL players that the preseason games don’t count. Two days in a row now we’ve seen epic old-school hockey fights in exhibition games. If they keep going at this pace, everyone is going to be worn out by January.

Of course, last night’s hockey fight between Boston’s Milan Lucic and Washington’s Joel Rechlicz wasn’t nearly as crazy as Sunday night’s line brawl between the Leafs and Sabres. After all, it was just the two of them.

However, what it lacked in numbers, it made up for in intensity and sheer determination. These dudes punched and got punched until they were about to fall over…and then they punched some more.

Take a look, but be warned—if you hate the Bruins, you’re going to want to turn the volume down. Jack Edwards gets a little ridiculous here.

Is this intensity entertaining? Absolutely. That’s probably as good a fight as we’ll see all year. I just hope everyone has enough gas in the tank come March.

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