Cardinals Safety Rashad Johnson Severed the Tip of His Finger During Sunday’s Game (Gruesome Photo)

rashad johnson cardinals safety

Whatever happened to you at work today, it probably wasn’t as bad as what happened to Rashad Johnson on Sunday. During his Arizona Cardinals’ game against the Saints in New Orleans, the safety had the tip of his finger broken off. As in…

All. The. Way. Off.

He doesn’t know how it happened exactly, except that it wasn’t what you would expect—it didn’t get caught in a face mask, and it didn’t get stepped on by a cleat. All Johnson knows is that it somehow happened while taking down Saints running back Darren Sproles toward the end of the first half.

From there, understandably, things get a little fuzzy. Johnson remembers feeling pain and then incredible numbness, but his glove was still on. When he got to the bench, trainers cut off the glove and made the gruesome discovery: the tip of his middle finger just above the knuckle had been severed, and his bone was exposed.

Later at the hospital there was no attempt to reattach the tip of his finger. And because the bone was exposed, which poses a very serious risk of infection, doctors shaved it down and then just closed it up with some stitches.

So yeah, Johnson’s middle finger is now the same length as his index finger.

Here’s a shot of his hand all bandaged up, tweeted by the Cardinals:

rashad johnson bandaged finger

And here’s a disgusting shot Johnson himself tweeted from the hospital:

rashad johnson missing finger (gruesome injury)

That is one gruesome injury.

So how is the guy handling all this? Pretty well. He says it’s not going to impact his career at all, and that—are you ready for this?—he hopes to play on Sunday in Tampa.

Now that’s a competitor.

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