25 Athlete-Celebrity Power Couples

athlete celebrity couples

It’s not easy being married or otherwise romantically attached to a professional athlete. Or at least, I assume it’s not. I’ve never dated one. Sure, they usually make lots of money, but they basically are required to be workaholics, and during the season (whichever sport we’re talking about) they’re away from home half the time.

But do you know who can deal with that kind of life? Well yes, other athletes. But also celebrities. If you’re an athlete, you know a celeb isn’t dating you for your money, because they’ve got money too. And you know they can deal with a crazy travel and work schedule, because they also have crazy travel and work schedules.

This is why, I suspect, there are so many athlete-celebrity couples. And today, in honor of the newest pairing (which I learned about on Monday thanks to Google News), we’re going to look at some of the most notable athlete-celebrity power couples together today. Ready to start? Good.

Oh, and p.s., yes, this list features attractive women. So, you know…

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