This Feel-Good Story About High School Wrestlers Ought to Get You Through the Rest of the Week (Video)

demetrius de moors

This story is almost a year old, but somehow we missed it at the time. However, we figured if it’s new to us, it very well may be new to you, too. And it’s just too good not to tell you about it.

It involves two kids from Georgia named Demetrius de Moors and Michael Lind. Michael has Down Syndrome, and though he is officially on the wrestling team at Union Grove High School, he had never actually competed in a meet. But in December of 2011, with the biggest meet in the state coming up, Michael’s coach at Union Grove called the coach at McIntosh High and asked if any of his wrestlers would be willing to take Lind on in an exhibition—and Demetrius de Moors stepped up.

That right there would have been a nice enough story. One high school wrestler giving another high school wrestler the thrill of a lifetime? That’s gold. But it got even better. On the day of the meet, Moors didn’t just wrestle Lind, and he didn’t just let him win. He made it a great match that Lind would remember forever.

Take a look at the video. It’s about five minutes long, but definitely worth your time:

Did you hear the part at the end of the story where the guy says Moors didn’t get a trophy for that match? Well, that’s not entirely true. In November 2012, he received a “National Sportsmanship Award,” which he very obviously deserved.

Awesome, right?

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