Korean Baseball Player Flips Bat on a Foul Ball That Wasn’t Even Close (Video)

korean baseball player flips bat on foul ball

Back in May we told you the hilarious story of Jeon Jun-woo, the Korean baseball player for the Lotte Giants who flipped his bat and walked out of the batter’s box as though he’d just crushed a game-tying home run when, in actuality, he just popped out to end the game. At the time, it sure seemed like this would be the most embarrassing thing we’d see on a baseball diamond this year. However, it turns out that there was another Korean baseball player hell-bent on out-failing Jeon Jun-woo.

That player would be Choi Jun-seok of the Doosan Bears. On Monday, Choi blasted what he immediately knew was a massive home run. So he flipped the hell out of his bat and raised his arms in the air like a boss. Unfortunately, he did not hit a massive home run. In fact, it was not even remotely close. The ball actually went foul by a good 150 feet.

It was classic. Take a look:

Did you see that kids? This is what you get when you try to show up your opponents—international humiliation.

Hat Tip – [The Nosebleeds]

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