Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Day at Yankee Stadium Was a Huge Disaster (Pics)

rivera bobblehead

Yesterday was Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Day at Yankee Stadium, which would have been a hugely popular promotion under normal circumstances. However, the circumstances aren’t exactly normal for the Yankees or their fans. For one thing, Rivera, the greatest closer of all-time, is retiring at the end of this week. For another thing, the Yankees will not be playing postseason baseball this year for just the first time since 1994.

So Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Day? Yeah, fans were looking forward to that. The only problem was that there were no bobbleheads. The shipment from Seattle got delayed in Chicago, and then again in New Jersey. Team officials were still holding out hope that the bobbleheads would arrive some time before the start of the game, so they delayed opening the gates. However, eventually huge crowds started to build up outside and, needless to say, people were starting to get pretty pissed off.

no mariano rivera bobbleheads

yankees fans waiting for bobbleheads

Fortunately, Yankees executives came up with a solution to the bobblehead shortage that avoided an all-out riot—they gave the first 18,000 fans vouchers for their Mariano Rivera bobbleheads.

mariano bobblehead vouchers

no mariano rivera bobbleheads

And when the shipment finally arrived at Yankee stadium during the third inning, they started handing the goofy little statues out to fans with the vouchers. Of course, the lineups were insane, and as a result, practically no one was in the stands actually watching the Yankees lose to the Rays 7-0.

lineups for mariano rivera bobbleheads

mariano bobbleheads - late arrivals

lineups for mariano rivera bobbleheads 2

The lesson for other baseball teams? Make sure you order your bobbleheads early.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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