Brewers and Braves Brawl Following Carlos Gomez Homer (Video)

carlos gomez home run trash talk sparks brawl

Milwaukee Brewers All-Star center fielder Carlos Gomez knows how to hold a grudge. Back on June 23, he got hit in the knee by a fastball from Atlanta Braves pitcher Paul Maholm, and he never let it go. So on September 25, when he crushed an off-speed pitch from Maholm for a long home run to deep left-center field, he stood there and watched it, just to rub it in.

Of course, as we learned just a few weeks ago, the Braves do not take kindly to that sort of thing. Right away, catcher Brian McCann suggested he kindly go on his merry way. Gomez then responded by yelling at every Braves player whose path he crossed until he got back to home plate and met McCann face-to-face.

Yelling ensued, benches cleared, and a few punches were thrown. Gomez took a shot to the head from Reed Johnson, and Aramis Ramirez took a shot to the face from Freddie Freeman. Everybody had a good time.

Take a look:

After the game, Gomez apologized for his actions and said he took things too far. Then he kind of took it back a little and defended himself:

I did a little bit more [than I should have], and I apologize for this. But if you see the replay [from June 23], they hit me for no reason, and I tried to get it back today. It’s the only opportunity that I have, and that’s what I did.

Keep it together, Carlos. You’re starting to sound like Carlos Quentin—which is to say, a little paranoid.

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