Arizona Cardinals Unveil Special Edition Rashad Johnson Novelty Foam Finger (Photo)

rashad johnson foam finger

When one of your players gets the tip of his finger chopped off during a game, you might as well make the best out of a nasty situation and get some good publicity out of it, right?

That’s my opinion, anyway—and also, apparently, the opinion of the Arizona Cardinals. As you will recall, on Sunday against the Saints, safety Rashad Johnson somehow had the tip of his middle finger sliced right off inside his glove. It was almost as bizarre as it sounds and it was absolutely disgusting.

However, Johnson has been a good sport about the whole thing and doesn’t seem all that concerned about his future. As a result, the Cardinals have decided to take advantage of this window of opportunity (in which people are actually paying any attention to them) by creating and tweeting a Rashad Johnson special edition novelty foam finger.

rashad johnson foam finger

Sadly, this is all just a joke and not a real product. It should be a real product, however, because I’m fairly certain everyone would buy that.

Hat Tip – [Eye on Football]

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