Diana Taurasi Kisses Seimone Augustus During WNBA Playoff Game (Video)

taurasi kissing seimone

In the NBA, they throw vicious elbows. In the WNBA, apparently, they kiss.

Last night in Minneapolis, during Game 1 of the WNBA Western Conference Finals—that’s right, the WNBA playoffs are going on right now—Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury got into a minor skirmish with Seimone Augustus of the Minnesota Lynx, giving her a pretty hard shoulder bump. However, rather than escalate to a state of all-out war, Taurasi managed to diffuse the situation rather quickly by giving Augustus a sweet little kiss.

That’s right, a kiss. Now, I know what you might be thinking, and no, Taurasi is not a lesbian. Wikipedia says she is dating a man named Ari Louis right now. However, Augustus is a lesbian. And she is engaged. So you have to think Taurasi is going to get some pretty nasty glares from Seimone’s fiancé, should they ever meet.

In any case, take a look:

So how is the world reacting to this? Well, the top two YouTube comments are quite telling. User NBALIVEMATCHES says, “if two dudes did that the NBA would explode.” Meanwhile, user Topher York says, “this is the most WNBA I have ever watched.”

I guess any publicity is good publicity, right?

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