Mariano Rivera Got a Touching Sendoff at Yankee Stadium Last Night (Video)

mariano rivera last game at yankee stadium

When you retire after a long, successful career built upon the best single pitch the game of baseball has probably ever seen, you get a pretty nice sendoff.

Such is the case with Mariano Rivera. Sunday was “Mariano Rivera Day” at Yankee Stadium, with a pre-game ceremony featuring tributes from legends and a performance of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Tuesday was “Mariano Rivera Bobblehead Day,” where 18,000 Yankees fans got wacky little mini Mos…eventually. Finally, Thursday night was his last ever game in the Bronx. And, fittingly, it was this night, the one with the least amount of official pomp and circumstance, that proved to be the one everybody will remember.

Sadly, the Yankees did not win the game against the Rays, so Mo didn’t get to go out with one last save. However, Joe Girardi brought him in with one out in the 8th inning anyway. Then, after Rivera recorded the second out of the ninth inning, Girardi did something nobody really saw coming: he sent Derek Jeter and Andy Pettite to the mound to take Mo out of the game with one out to go.

Rivera? Yeah, he got pretty emotional.

You’ll definitely want to watch the video. Even with A-Rod putting his dirty paws all over Rivera, it’s still pretty great. It almost makes you not hate the Yankees…for a few seconds.

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