Kentucky Actually Scored a Touchdown against Florida—on a Fake Field Goal (GIF)

uk fake field goal td

Every year, the University of Kentucky football team gets pounded by the Florida Gators—partly because the Gators are good, but mostly because the Wildcats are terrible—and this year was no exception. The No. 20 Gators beat UK, 24-7, making that 27 straight wins over their SEC “rivals.”

However, this year there was a momentary break from the losing monotony for the Wildcats. You see, they actually made it out of the first quarter with the game still tied. And it wasn’t even tied 0-0, either. It was tied 7-7. So, yes, Kentucky scored a touchdown against an SEC opponent!

Of course, it did take a trick play to make it happen—a fake field goal, to be precise.

Take a look:


Now, that may not seem like much, but you have to remember that last year Kentucky lost to Florida 38-0. Hell, last year Kentucky lost 40-0 to Vanderbilt en route to an 0-8 SEC schedule. So scoring a touchdown on a trick play? That’s progress!

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