Ohio State Fan Gets Knocked Out of His Seat (GIF)

ohio state fan chair fall

You’ve got your $50 camping chair set up on the sidelines at a college football game. You’ve got your camera (I think that’s what it is), and you’re all set to enjoy Wisconsin going up against Ohio State. Then, all of a sudden, BOOM!  You get clobbered as if you were a player in the game.

That’s a second-person account of what the guy in the animated GIF below went through during Saturday’s game between Wisconsin and Ohio State. I don’t know exactly what he was doing there, but I do know that he wasn’t expecting to get flattened like that.

And I also know that it’s pretty fun to watch.  Check it out:

OSU fan fall chair

Remember, if you ever find yourself on the sidelines at a high-impact sporting event like football, have a quick exit strategy ready.

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