Pro Bull Rider Gets Head Smashed by a Bull’s Horn and Thrown Into a Wall (Video)

pbr bull rider hit by bull

Let’s see, what was the reason I never became a professional bull-rider? Oh yes, that’s right—it’s f**king batsh*t insane.

I mean that in a good way, of course. The men and women (yes, women too—I looked it up) who straddle ferocious bulls and ride until they get thrown off are as tough and determined as any athlete you’ll find. And that, in it’s own weird way, is commendable. I wish I had a little bit more of that courage every once in a while. But not that much more. I like the way my spine works, and how I’ve never had a bull step on my groin.

Nevertheless, I’m glad there are people who don’t think like me, because they make my actual job—writing about sports—fun. Take PBR rider Cody Nance, for example. If he wasn’t a badass, tough, fearless, and possibly insane S.O.B., we wouldn’t get to watch him get hit in the (helmet-protected) face with a bull’s horn and then thrown rear-end-first into the wall during the Grand Rapids Invitational over the weekend.

Take a look:

Mr. Nance, I salute you.

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