This Crazy Interception Pretty Much Sums Up the Seahawks-Texans Game (GIF)

crazy seahawks interception

Sometimes, when a team is good, a feeling of inevitability builds up around them such that, even when they are losing, you still think, nah, they’ll find some way to pull it out.

The Seattle Seahawks are starting to look like that kind of team. Yesterday they found themselves in a 20-3 hole against the Houston Texans at halftime, and a 20-6 hole at the end of the 3rd quarter. However, Marshawn Lynch scored a touchdown with 7:43 left to make the game 20-13. Then, with just 2:40 remaining in the game, the Texans had the ball and a chance to run out the clock, but a pass from Matt Schaub was intercepted by Richard Sherman and returned for a 58-yard touchdown. That sent the game to overtime, where Seattle won it on a 45-yard field goal by Steve Hauschka.

Like I said, it kind of felt inevitable.

Of course, if you still don’t quite know what I’m talking about, maybe you will when you see the other Schaub interception. In the first quarter, when Seattle was actually up 3-0, the Texans QB got picked off by Earl Thomas and…well, it wasn’t your typical, everyday interception:

crazy schaub interception vs seahawks

See what I’m saying?

When this happened in the first quarter, I got the feeling that everything was somehow going to work out for the Seahawks. And it did.

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