Braves Coach Terry Pendleton Fights Chris Johnson Because He Slid into First Base (Video)

terry pendleton pissed off at chris johnson

The Atlanta Braves have had the NL East crown all sewn up for weeks now, so you might at first think they had nothing to play for on the final weekend of the regular season. However, that was not the case. If Atlanta swept the Phillies and the Cubs managed to take a game from the Cardinals, the Braves would have locked up first place in the NL and home field advantage through the NLCS—something that could prove to be very important.

For this reason, when the Braves found themselves trailing the Phillies 5-4 on Saturday in the bottom of the ninth with runners on first and second and two outs, it’s not like they didn’t care. They wanted to win that game. And that is why, when Chris Johnson did something stupid on the play that ended the game, he got a major earful from coach Terry Pendleton.

You see, it’s long been established by anyone who’s ever bothered to get out the old stop watch that the fastest way to reach first base is to run straight through. Sure, some guys feel that diving will get them there faster, but the numbers prove again and again that this is not true. And apparently this is something the Braves coaches insist upon.

Just take a look:

Yep, Pendleton was probably a little over the line, there. Luckily this isn’t high school, and these guys makes millions of dollars, otherwise Terry would have been placed on an unpaid leave of absence.

Still, while you can’t help but feel a little bad for Johnson, if you’re a Braves fan you have to love that competitive fire…almost as much as you love rubbing your girl’s breasts.

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