Scumbag Cowboys Fans Hit Unsuspecting Chargers Fans on the Side of the Head with Beer Bottles (Video)

fan fight after chargers cowboys game

Apparently cheap shots are all the rage among belligerent NFL fans this season.

A couple weeks ago we saw a brawl break out between some Cleveland Browns fans in the parking lot after the game, as a spate of trash-talking was capped by some dude punching another dude from behind, out of the blue. Now we’ve got a video of some fans going at it after the Cowboys-Chargers game this past Sunday. And this time, things really escalated quickly.

We don’t see how it all started. Instead, the first thing we see is a huge dude in a Dez Bryant jersey storming around, obviously pissed off, while his friends—some of whom are wearing Chargers jerseys—try to calm him down. However, their efforts fail, and big Dez goes over to the people who have offended him so he can give them a piece of his mind. At that point a woman slaps him in the face. Then a portly gentlman in a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off grabs the tall Cowboys fan by the sleeve and just smashes a beer over his head.

Then a melee ensues, right? Wrong. Things actually remain pretty cool, and instead of letting fists fly, Dez’s friends try to calm everybody down. Then one of said friends gets a bottle smashed over his head—because the people he’s dealing with are actually huge scumbags—and then finally…

Well, there’s still not a giant brawl. Instead, yet another guy who got hit by a piece of flying glass tries to calm things down by going over and showing everyone his boo boo. Because sure, the guys who just viciously smashed beer bottles over those dudes’ heads are going to suddenly be like, “oh man, I’m so sorry.”

Amazingly, though, the bloody arm guy doesn’t get a bottle smashed on his head and, sadly, the video ends right when it looks like the beer-wielding a-holes have agreed to a proper fight.

Take a look:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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