Here’s Your High School Volleyball Highlight of the Year (Video)

amazing volleyball play

Usually we think of volleyball as being a hands-only sport in the way soccer is a feet-only sport. However, you are actually allowed to use any part of your body to keep the ball in the air. And if for some reason a team decided to use their feet exclusively, they could. They would just lose a lot.

However, from time to time, occasions arise on the volleyball court where players need to use their feet. In fact, two of the very best highlights from the 2012 Summer Olympics featured volleyball players making amazing kick saves. And today we have another example.

It comes from a recent high school girls volleyball game at a tournament in St. Louis between St. James Academy (Lexana, KS) and Bishop Kelly High School (Tulsa, OK).  SJA’s Brie Lewis digs the ball on the baseline, her teammate barely gets a hand on it to keep it in the air, and then Lewis—with her butt on the floor—kicks it over the net.

Take a look:

I agree with the old dude yelling at the end of the clip. “That’s volleyball!”

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