Here’s John Daly Hitting a Golf Ball Out of Some Dude’s Mouth in a Parking Lot in Nashville (Video)

john daly hits golf ball out of dudes mouth in parking lot

Everyone knows that the most awesome dude on the PGA Tour, the one you’d most like to share a pitcher of beer (or four) with, is John Daly. It’s been that way for a couple of decades now. The guy is about as close as we’re ever going to get to a real-life Happy Gilmore.

Is it surprising, then, that the guy was apparently eating some pies at Soulshine Pizza in Nashville recently when, after making a few friends, he went out to the parking lot, grabbed his clubs, had some dude lie down on the ground and tee a ball up in his mouth, then hit it? Nope. If any other pro golfer did this, you’d say it was staged, but Daly is exactly the kind of dude who carries his golf clubs in the trunk of his car and uses his skills to get free beer.

Besides, this wasn’t the first time he’s hit a golf ball teed up in somebody’s mouth. Right, David Feherty?

Anwyay, behold the awesomeness that is John Daly:

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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