Marching Band Fail: One Tuba Player Trips, Causing Epic Tuba Pileup (Video)

marching band fail tuba pileup

If you ask me, we are living in the golden age of marching bands. It’s not so much that they play their instruments better than marching bands of days past, though. It’s that they play their instruments while also performing really complicated dances and formations. It’s pretty incredible, really.

Of course, there is a dark underbelly to this golden age of marching bands. Namely, the more complex your routines, the greater the opportunity for epic failure. And obviously, because you are carrying tubas and the like, that failure will be hilarious and go viral.

On that note, meet the Lake Travis High School marching band. Normally, they are pretty awesome…

However, every once in a while, a tuba player trips and falls, creating a domino effect that knocks out the whole tuba section altogether. And when that happens, they are less awesome, but more hilarious…

According to the person who uploaded that video, no one was injured. However, two tubas were damaged—reparably or irreparably, we do not know.

In any case, don’t go feeling bad for these kids. They’re just happy to get the publicity. In fact, they even bragged about the mishap on the marching band’s Facebook page.

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