Ohio State Football Players Comfort Local Sports Reporter After Tragic Death of His Daughter (Video)

sports reporter gets hugs from ohio state players

The relationship between athletes and sports reporters is not always amicable, and for good reason. Athletes are trying their best to win, and reporters are trying their best to analyze and pick apart everything they do and, most of the time, explain why they are not winning. Imagine what your job would be like if you had someone constantly writing about why you suck.

However, despite this natural tendency for animosity, most of the time sports reporters and athletes do get along. In fact, sometimes they develop a deep mutual respect for each other.

Such is the case with Dom Tiberi, who is a reporter for Columbus’s 10TV News, and the football players at Ohio State. So when Tiberi experienced a personal tragedy a few weeks ago, the Buckeyes players and personnel were affected, too.

You see, Dom’s 21-year-old daughter, Maria, was killed in a car accident on September 18. Obviously, he took some time off from covering Buckeyes football to mourn with his family. But eventually, as with all tragedies, life had to go on. And when Dom came back to work this past weekend, the players and coaches made sure to let him know they were there for him.

Just take a look:

What’s that? There’s something in your eye? Yeah, we understand.

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