George Parros Knocked Out Cold and Stretchered Off the Ice After Falling Face-First During Fight (Video)

george parros hits ice face-first

Hockey fans love a good fight. Two huge guys furiously punching each other’s faces? What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, because hockey players look so natural on skates, it’s easy to forget that ice is both very slippery and very hard, and it really is not an ideal surface for fisticuffs.

Just ask George Parros, the Montreal Canadiens’ newly acquired tough guy. Last night, during the season-opener against the hated Toronto Maple Leafs—trailing 3-2 in the third period—Parros tried to provide his team and their fans at the Bell Centre (or the Centre Bell, if you’re a French speaker) with a spark by going toe-to-toe with Colton Orr. As the two tussled, Orr lost his footing and started to fall butt-first to the ice. Unfortunately, at the time Orr had a hold of Parros’ sweater, so Orr ended up tugging him down too.

The result?  Parros hit the ice chin-first. Take a look:

Yep, that right there is why some people think they should eliminate fighting from hockey. Sorry, Don Cherry.

Anyway, after getting a first class stretcher ride off the ice, Parros was taken to the hospital. There he was conscious and alert, which was great news, but he was also diagnosed with a concussions.

Talk about a crappy way to start the season.

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