NBA 2K14 Got the Positioning of LeBron James’ Headband Just Right (Pic)

The goal with any sports sim video game has always been to make the gameplay as realistic as possible. At first that meant simply getting the strategy and outcomes right. Then it meant making the players move more realistically, and recreating venues in every painstaking detail. Now it means capturing every detail, quirk, and nuance in a player’s game and style.

The NBA 2K series has been particularly good in this latest phase of video game realism. For NBA 2K14, we’ve already seen how they are going to great lengths to capture the enthusiastic courtside celebrations of Golden State’s Kent Brazemore. Now we’re learning that their attention to detail has also had an effect on the way LeBron James is depicted.

Check it out:

lebron james 2k14 headband

Yep, that’s right. NBA 2K14 has captured the famous LeBron headband shift. Talk about realistic. I wonder if LeBron will be flopping in 2K14, too.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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