Vegas Is Setting the Broncos as 26-Point Favorites Over the Jags. That’s a Record.

Peyton Manning

If you’re one of the many NFL fans taking part in survivor pools—where you have to pick one winner each week but can only pick each team once—you know that the hardest pick you’ll have to make all season is the Jacksonville Jaguars. No matter who the opponent, it just doesn’t seem like the Jags will ever win. If you’re lucky, your pool will be over before the final week of the season, so maybe you can avoid the Jags decision. But you may have to pick them at some point.

Week six is not that point, however. During week six of the NFL season, the Jags are taking on the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning is on pace to set every major single-season passing record for a quarterback this year—touchdowns, passing yards, passer rating—and the Broncos are destroying everyone.

Combine the fact that, though four games, the Broncos are historically good, while the Jaguars are historically bad, and this is probably the surest thing in the history of the NFL. In fact, a Broncos W is such a sure thing that Vegas sports books are setting the Broncos as 26-point favorites.

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In case you’re wondering, that’s a record. No team in the history of the NFL has ever been a 26-point favorite. And here’s the crazy part: when everyone starts betting on Denver, the spread will probably get even higher.

So don’t pick the Jags in your survivor pool next weekend. However, if you find yourself in Vegas, you might as well put a few bucks on them…just in case hell freezes over.

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