Two-for-One Special: This One’s a Dunk Fail and a Parenting Fail (Video)

kid dunk fail

Everyone knows parenting fails happen. Sometimes you’re going to space out while your kid gets into a brawl with another kid. Sometimes you’re going to run your kid over while trying to get to a home run ball. And sometimes you’re going to inexplicably think it would be a good idea to hold your toddler up so he or she can do a keg stand.

Should you feel ashamed? Not at all. Nobody is perfect. Lapses in judgment happen.

That being said, you shouldn’t feel proud, either. Parenting fails are supposed to be things that you simply sweep under the rug and don’t tell anybody about. You don’t take a video of them and then post it on YouTube.

Nevertheless, that is what the parent(s) of this cute little kid decided to do. After encouraging him to attempt a relatively dangerous dunk on a toy basketball hoop in his playroom, and after he wound up falling to the ground head-first, they decided, hey, let’s show the world how much we suck at discerning what is and is not safe for our kid!


If this were my kid, I would have deleted this video to erase any evidence that this ever happened. But I guess these parents wanted to teach us all what not to do.

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