Patrick Roy Went Incredible Hulk on Bruce Boudreau After His NHL Coaching Debut Last Night (Video)

patrick roy goes ballistic on bruce boudreau

If this is how NHL legend Patrick Roy is going to behave when his team wins, God help us all when they lose.

Last night in Denver, Roy made his NHL head coaching debut with the Colorado Avalanche against the Anaheim Ducks. The result could not have been more encouraging for the ‘Lanche, as they pounded the Ducks 6-1. However, you wouldn’t know it from the way the former Avalanche goalie was barking at the Ducks after the final horn sounded. And when Bruce Boudreau, his counterpart on the other side of the partition, started barking back? Well, that’s when Roy went into full-on Incredible Hulk mode, slamming the partition between the two benches and nearly knocking the entire thing over.

I kid you not. And again, this was after Colorado destroyed Anaheim 6-1. Take a look:

So what the hell was Roy thinking? Apparently he was pissed that the Ducks got away with kneeing Colorado’s top draft pick, Nathan MacKinnon. So for the final shift of the game he sent enforcers Patrick Bordeleau and Cody McLeod onto the ice to send a message. That in turn pissed off the Ducks, and pretty soon everybody was yakking.  That’s when Roy went ballistic.

Was this an overreaction? Obviously. But you can’t deny one fact: Patrick Roy knows how to command your attention.

Hat Tip – [TSN]

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