Dario Franchetti Lucky to Be Alive After Epic Wreck at Houston Grand Prix (Video)

franchetti crash grand prix of houston

We always joke about how auto racing fans go to races hoping to see fiery crashes. And it’s probably true. However, nobody really wants to see a crash like the one that occurred at the Grand Prix of Houston on Sunday.

On lap 88 of 90, 7th place Takuma Saito lost control of his car at turn six, one of the fastest spots on the temporary course. The drivers in 8th, 9th and 10th were able to get around him without incident, but the driver in 11th, Dario Franchetti, was not so lucky. Saito veered into his path, colliding with Franchetti and launching his car into the air, where it basically disintegrated along the metal catch fence.

Take a look at the carnage:

That was pretty horrifying, and somewhat reminiscent of the wreck that killed Dan Wheldon a few years back. Miraculously, this time around, not a single person suffered life-threatening injuries. Franchetti suffered a concussion, a fractured vertebrae that won’t require surgery, and a broken ankle for which he’s already had surgery. Thirteen fans were also injured, but only two were taken to the hospital and they will be fine.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]