Monster Truck in Mexico Runs Over Spectators, Killing Eight (Video)

monster truck crash kills eight in mexico

Last week we told you about a monster truck that nearly drove into the stands and over a bunch of spectators at an event called The Monster Truck Showdown in Reyosa, Mexico. If the breaks didn’t kick in at the last second, we speculated, a number of lives would have been lost.

Sadly, today we have another Mexican monster truck incident to tell you about. This time, the breaks never kicked in, and lives were lost.

On Saturday at the “Extreme Aeroshow” at Rejon Park in Chihuahua, Mexico, a monster truck driver was putting on a demolition exhibition when he lost control of the vehicle and ran into the crowd. Some witnesses reported that he hit his head while making his last pass at the row of cars, causing him to lose control of the truck. However, there are also reports that the man, whose name is unknown at this point, had been drinking.

Whatever the cause, the results were tragic. Around 80 people were injured, and eight were killed, including at least one child—but possibly more.

Here’s video of the awful scene:

As you would expect, there is a lot of outrage in Mexico as a result of this incident, and people are now calling for an investigation into safety regulations at events such as this.  That’s a good thing, but sadly, it’s too late for the families of the people killed on Saturday.

Hat Tip – [BBC via TPS reader Ron Canada]

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