There Was a Naked Female Streaker at the Presidents Cup (Pics)

Streaker at the Presidents Cup 1
Golf gets its fair share of coverage during the “major season” from April to August. However, once football starts—followed by the MLB postseason, the NHL, and the NBA—that’s pretty much it. In our collective sports consciousness, golf goes bye bye.

Of course, that’s just the general rule, and as we all know, all general rules have their exceptions.

The 2013 Presidents Cup was on of those exceptions. On Friday we brought you three separate stories from the Presidents Cup—including the one about Team USA’s pet squirrel—and today we have another.

What’s it about? Just the relatively hot female streaker (hey, it could have been a dude) who ran across the fairway at Muirfield in Columbus yesterday.

Here’s a shot, courtesy of @Dixon_RC:

presidents cup streaker 1

And here’s a shot of Fred Couples’ close encounter, courtesy of @AlexMyers3:

presidents cup streaker 2

I could be wrong, but Fred sure seems amused.

In any case, nice going, golf! You weren’t the least-amusing item on the sports calendar this weekend.

Streaker at the Presidents Cup 2

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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