Would-Be NCAA Videbomber Runs Into Wall (GIF)

ncaa videobomb fail

The act of photobombing (and especially its full-motion equivalent, videobombing) requires crack patience, timing and attentiveness to pull off properly. You definitely don’t want to go off all half-cocked like the kid in the GIF below.

What’s especially tragic is that this kid had a perfect set-up for a next-level videobomb: A low-traffic area in view of the cameras, a high-profile platform (ESPN), and a clean line of sight between himself and his target.

Bu as you’re about to see, he let it all go to waste…Or did he?

Maybe this was an intentional maneuver on the kid’s part, and we’re all falling for it. Well done, kid who ran into a wall on ESPN.  Well done.

ncaa videobomber fail

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