Peyton Manning Is So Fast, Even The Cameramen Couldn’t Keep Up With Him (GIF)

peyton manning naked bootleg

Tony Romo may have had the better passing performance on Sunday, throwing for 506 yards and five touchdowns compared to Peyton Manning‘s 414 yards and four touchdowns through the air, but it was Peyton who was putting forth the more impressive rushing performance on this occasion.

Now, that may not be reflected in Manning’s yardage totals on the ground (four attempts for -8 yards), but what everyone will be talking about today is his one-yard touchdown run in the second quarter that put the Broncos up 28-17, as even the CBS cameramen had trouble keeping up with the quick-footed 37-year-old on this naked bootleg.

Check it out:

peyton manning naked bootleg 1

And here’s a look at the view from one cameraman who was able to keep up with Peyton:

peyton manning naked bootleg 2

When you already have 20 passing touchdowns through five weeks of regular season action, why not rush for one as well, right?

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