Red Sox Fan Looking for Souvenir Takes Foul Ball to the Teeth Instead (GIF)

red sox fan takes foul ball to face

Another long baseball season is about the wrap up at the end of this month, and we’ve certainly seen our fair share of incidents involving foul balls. There was the dad who caught the foul ball while holding his baby, the chicks behind home plate at U.S. Cellular Field who had the everliving crap scared out of them, the Mariners fan who caught a foul ball in his beer and chugged it down, the Red Sox fan who didn’t chug her beer after a foul ball landed in it, and of course, who could forget the kid who snatched the foul ball that was intended for the smoking hot blonde woman in Kansas City.

Still, with as many great highlights involving foul balls as we’ve seen, we’re always game for another one if it involves a Red Sox fan getting hit right in the kisser. So here you go—a Red Sox fan looking to snag a sweet souvenir the other night, but who took it off his vintage Kevin Youkilis-style goatee instead:

red sox fan takes ball to face

Better luck next time, buddy.


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