Grant Balfour and Victor Martinez Let the Expletives Fly During this 9th Inning Altercation (Videos)

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In the MLB postseason every game is high stakes, so the tension is almost palpable. However, you rarely see the benches clear, because nobody wants to get hurt or suspended. During yesterday’s ALDS Game 3 between the Tigers and A’s, however, the benches did clear. And what’s even more shocking is that it happened in the bottom of the 9th with the game and a 2-1 series lead on the line.

So who is to thank for the near-brawl? That would be Detroit designated hitter Victor Martinez and Oakland pitcher Grant Balfour. Balfour has a reputation for being a bit, shall we say, feisty out on the mound. So when Martinez fouled off a pitch and then, for some reason, stared Balfour down—well, that was it. Pretty soon the f-bombs were flying and the benches were empty.

Here’s the clean, MLB-approved version of the confrontation:

And, until it’s removed from the YouTubes, here is the uncensored version that viewers at home got to see:

Oakland would end up holding on for the victory, and now find themselves one win away from advancing to the ALCS. However, lets all hope the Tigers win the next one so this series goes the distance. This rivalry is just starting to get interesting.

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