Jonathan Quick’s Gaffe Results In Embarrassing Own Goal (Video)

jonathan quick fail

In the spring of 2012, impeccable goaltending from Jonathan Quick propelled the Los Angeles Kings to their first ever Stanley Cup Championship, and Quick rightly won the Con Smythe trophy as MVP of the playoffs for his outstanding performance.

Last year? Well, the Kings did make it back to the Western Conference Finals, and at times they looked formidable. However, they never really regained their form from the previous spring, and Quick was no exception. This isn’t to say he played poorly, mind you. At times he was brilliant. However, there were, um, lapses. And those lapses cost the Kings a game or two.

So how does Quick look so far in 2013? Well, it’s probably too early to say for sure. But last night there was definitely another major lapse.

Playing the Rangers at home in Los Angeles, the Kings fell behind 2-1. However, early in the third period, they got a power play and a chance to tie the game up, only to see that opportunity obliterated by a pretty embarrassing puck-handling error from their goalie.

Take a look:

And here’s the animated gif:

Jonathan Quick own goal

Is that just terrible luck, or a sign of a lack of concentration? We really can’t say at this point. But it certainly isn’t good if you’re a Kings fan.

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