Kid Faceplants on Stage During National Rugby League Trophy Presentation (Video + GIF)

kid faceplants at nrl trophy ceremony

You know what I love about little kids? They’re basically like little miniature drunk people. Only, you know, they’re not drunk (or not usually).  That’s just the way they are. And quite often, it’s hilarious.

Want an example? Well, here you go.

On Sunday, the Sydney Roosters won the “Grand Final” of Australia’s National Rugby League, and after the game, as one would expect, there was a trophy presentation ceremony. During that ceremony, while some guy was calling the individual players up on stage, somebody’s kid was just having a good old time off to the side, kicking around a bunch of balls. Then, all of a sudden, he decided to try getting up on stage, too…and this happened:

kid faceplants on stage at nrl trophy presentation

Yep, that’s priceless. And if you think the GIF is good, you’ll really like the video, which features the crowd’s reaction to the kid’s spill:

See what I mean? Little kids are like drunks, only cuter and less prone to vomiting.

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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