Here’s Some Guy Shattering the Backboard with a 360º Dunk (Video)

360 dunk shatters rim

Have you ever heard of the Harlem Wizards? They’re very much like the Harlem Globetrotters in that they’re a basketball team that goes around entertaining people with tricks and stunts. The only differences are that the Wizards do most of their work for local charities and youth organizations, they are actually still based in Harlem, and they have never been featured on Scooby Doo.

Anyway, I bring up the Harlem Wizards here because the video you are about to see is from one of their events—and it’s pretty awesome.

What is it, you ask? Oh, just some guy shattering the backboard with a 360º dunk. No big deal, right?

Now that is good entertainment. This guy’s name is Roscoe Johnson. For all we know, he could be terrible at every other aspect of basketball, but the man certainly knows how to throw down a dunk.

I just hope this came toward the end of the event, and that they pulled in enough money to pay for a replacement hoop without eating into the proceeds too much.

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