Watch This Division III College Football Player Get Obliterated (GIF)

d-iiii football huge hit

When we talk about football players getting “decleated,” we mean they got hit so hard it knocked them right off their feet—which of course are wearing cleats. Get it?

Well, the hit you are about to see isn’t just a decleater. It’s a dehelmeter and a demouthguarder, too.

It comes from a Division III NCAA football game between University of Mount Union (a D-III powerhouse) and Ohio Northern University. In it, Mount Union’s Joshua Scott absolutely destroys Ohio Northern’s Matt Craven. In the process, Craven’s helmet and mouthguard get sent flying so far that it almost looks like they were rigged with hydraulics to eject in case of emergencies.

Take a look:

division iii college football hit knocks off helmet and sends mouthguard flying

Pretty good hit, right? Well done, Mr. Scott.

Of course, we also have to give some recognition to Mr. Craven. The dude took that hit and still held on to the ball. There are guys in the NFL who can’t hold on to the ball even when they don’t get hit. So that was impressive.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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