New York Giants Games Banned at New York Strip Club

ricks cabaret girl with giants helmet 2

Everyone knew one of the teams that play in MetLife Stadium would be awful this year. What’s really surprising is that it’s not the Jets, but the Giants.

While Geno Smith has led the Jets to an improbable 3-2 record—miraculously keeping Rex Ryan employed into Week 6—two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and the sad-sack Giants are 0-5 and have given up no fewer than 31 points in every single game thus far. That’s worst in the league, and their point differential is -100, which is only 12 points better than the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars!

So yeah, the Giants are just painful to watch this year. In fact, they are so painful to watch that nobody in New York even wants to watch them anymore—including the patrons and employees of Rick’s Cabaret.

That’s right, the venerable New York nudie institution has Football Viewing Parties every Sunday—because if there’s one thing men like more than boobs, it’s football…or maybe it’s the other way around. Anyway, Rick’s has officially announced that they will no longer show Giants games. Apparently the games are bumming out the customers, and we can only assume that is causing a decline in tips.

As Rick’s Cabaret Girl Lindsay explains, “We love the Giants, but they get the crowd at our Weekend Football Viewing Parties all depressed.”

Don’t worry, though. According to a Rick’s spokesperson, you can still watch other football teams at Rick’s (unless they’re playing the Giants, of course), plus pretty much any other sporting event. So you don’t have to give up watching sports while surrounded by naked women altogether.


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