Hockey Player in UK Elite League Goes Totally Berserk, Earns 47-Game Suspension from League (Video)

derek campbell fight during uk hockey game

Fighting is allowed in hockey. Sure, they give you a penalty for it, but that’s just a slap on the wrist so players don’t fight too much and delay the actual game. If they really wanted to get rid of fighting, they’d give suspensions every time players came to blows, just like they do in other professional sports leagues.

I bring this up only to make a point: it’s not that easy for a hockey player to earn a big suspension just from getting into a fight. You really have to go above and beyond the typical, everyday levels of hockey violence.

This is something Derek Campbell excels at. You see, Campbell used to play for the Hull Stingrays of the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League. However, now he finds himself unemployed after going just a little bit insane on Saturday.

What did Campbell do? Well, after taking an elbow to the back of his head from a Nico Sachetti of the Dundee Stars—definitely a dirty play—Campbell went ballistic, and in the midst of a big scrum he (1) smashed somebody’s head on the ice, (2) kneed somebody in the head, and (3) attempted to gouge somebody in the eyes.

That right there earned him a game misconduct, but Campbell wasn’t done yet. After getting escorted off the ice, he went and found Sachetti near the stands and fought with him there.

As a result of this outburst, the guy earned a 47-game suspension from the league and his outright dismissal from the Stingrays.

Unfortunately, we can’t quite make out all of the infractions in this video, but it does give you a general idea of what went on, and you also get to listen to the British hockey announcer go wild. Take a look:

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