Cardinals Win, BFFs Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina Share Touching Moment (GIF)

wainright and molina hug gif

Did you hear a faint but distinct groan last night around 10:30 PM EST? That’s when the Cardinals defeated the anti-Cardinals—the lovable upstart Pittsburgh Pirates—in Game 5 of the NLCS. And that groan was the sound of a million baseball fans realizing that they had to watch the stupid Cardinals play the Dodgers—who are the new Yankees of the West—in the National League Championship Series.

There’s a very good chance this outcome displeased you. However, if you can look past all that, there was actually a pretty touching little moment after the last strike to Pedro Alvarez that ended the game. It almost makes you not hate the Cardinals (I said almost).

To appreciate it, you have to go back to last October, when Adam Wainwright started Game 5 of the NLDS between the Cardinals and Nationals—and sucked. It was one of the lowest moments of the ace’s career, but his team was able to pick him up and rally for an improbable 9-7 win after trailing 6-0.

Fast forward to last night. Wainwright is on the mound again for his second straight NLDS Game 5 start. Yadier Molina is behind the plate. This time, however, Wainwright is sharp. Not lights out, but he’s working it. And by the end of the night, he would have a complete game, eight hit, one run victory.

Now rewind all the way back to 2006. It’s the National League Championship Series, Game 7, and a rookie closer is on the mound for the Cardinals with a chance to close out the heavily favored New York Mets. That pitcher? Adam Wainwright. His catcher? Molina. The two would combine to strike out their current teammate, Carlos Beltran, sending the Redbirds to the World Series. And a week later the two would combine to strike out the Tigers’ Brandon Inge to win the World Series.

The point? These two players have a history together. And last night, after doing it again, they had a touching moment out on the mound. Take a look:

adam wainwright and yadier molina after game 5 2013 nlds victory

Isn’t that kind of sweet? They’re baseball soulmates!

Okay, you are now free to go back to despising* the Cardinals. Good luck figuring out who to root for in the NLCS.

*P.S., all this talk about hating teams is tongue and cheek. Sports are supposed to be fun. Everybody just lighten up, k?

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