Lithuanian Soccer Teammates Fight Each Other During Game (Video)

soccer teammates fighting each other

If I say two soccer players got sent off for fighting, you automatically assume I’m talking about two players on opposing teams. And I certainly don’t blame you. However, in this case, I’m actually talking about teammates.

The team? Top-tier Lithuanian side Dainava Alytus. During a recent league match against Banga, which they lost 1-0, two of their defenders had some sort of disagreement, and that disagreement led to a good old-fashioned fist fight right there in the middle of the field.

The combatants? They were 18-year-old Titas Vitukynas and 27-year-old Deividas Padaigis. We have to assume these two have some sort of prior history, and that they generally don’t get along, because it’s hard to imagine a fight like this breaking out over something that happened during the game.

Take a look:

The really crazy thing? Neither of these guys fell to the ground and grabbed their faces while rolling around in agony after the punches were thrown. What do they think they are—hockey players?

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