Cute Kid to Kyrie Irving: “Are You Going to Leave Like LeBron?” (Video)

kid asks kyrie irving if he'll leave like lebron

In case you were wondering, no, Cleveland sports fans are still not over LeBron James.

This week, current Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving went to a local elementary school to talk to some impressionable young kids about working hard and not doing drugs or some such business, and during a little Q&A sesh, one of the little tikes worked up the nerve—or perhaps was instructed—to ask this:

Yep, that’s classic. And Irving said the right thing. When somebody asks you if you’re going to leave like LeBron, you answer “no,” even if you are.

Of course, Irving was probably telling the truth. He’s almost certainly not going anywhere for a long time. Right now the burgeoning superstar point guard (22.5 points per game last season at the age of 21) has two years left on his entry level deal, after which he’ll be in line for a max five-year extension—which he would be crazy to pass up, given his history with injuries. Add that to the fact that Cleveland has a ton of young talent around Irving, and they look to be strong for a long time. So why would he leave?

Oh, right. Money.

Well, we’ll have to see what happens. For now, we’re giving a virtual high-five to whoever put this kid up to asking that question.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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