Orlando Cruz, First Openly Gay Boxer, to Fight for WBO Featherweight Title in Rainbow Colored Shorts (Pic)

Orlando Cruz gay boxer

Back in April, Jason Collins made history by becoming the first active and openly gay athlete from one of North America’s major pro sports leagues. However, when he takes the court for the first time since coming out (or maybe I should say, “if,” because he is currently unsigned), he probably will not be wearing rainbow colored shorts—you know, because the NBA has rules about wearing your team’s uniform.

Boxing, however, let’s you wear whatever you want. So this Saturday, when Orlando Cruz, the first openly gay boxer, steps into the ring against Orlande Salido with the WBO featherweight title on the line, he will be wearing rainbow colored shorts. And a rainbow colored vest. And pink gloves—though those are for Breast Cancer Awareness month, not because he’s gay.

It should be quite the look. Check it out:

orlande cruz gay boxer to wear rainbow shorts

In case you were wondering, the 32-year-old Puerto Rican fighter came out as gay in October of last year, and since then he has fought two times and won. So he’s not just the first openly gay boxer. He’s also the winningest openly gay boxer. And obviously, if he wins Saturday, he’ll become the first openly gay boxing champion.

I gotta admit, I’m kind of rooting for him.

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