Raiders Fan Gets Naked, Challenges Pilot to Fight Before Being Tased at Manchester Airport Tarmac (Video)

raiders fan naked airport tarmac

Okay, so I’m not 100% certain that this dude is a Raiders fan, but he was wearing a Raiders t-shirt when he boarded a plane in Malta.  And he continued to wear it while getting drunk aboard the flight to Manchester.  But after becoming abusive and threatening other passengers, the flight finally landed and the Raiders shirt came flying off, along with the rest of the 52-year-old man’s clothing, as he challenged the pilot and others to a fight on the Manchester Airport tarmac.

This may sound all made up, but there is actually video evidence of the entire incident (as there always is nowadays, what with cell phone cameras and the like).  In that video evidence, which you can check out below, you’ll not only see the dude in the Raiders t-shirt challenging the pilot, but you’ll also get to see him strip down on the tarmac and take a mean slap to the face from his girlfriend, before eventually being tased by police.

Unfortunately, the tasing wasn’t captured on video, but the good news is the video below is censored, so you can watch it at work and you don’t have to worry about seeing a 52-year-old man’s junk.

Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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