This Arkansas Razorbacks Cheerleader with One Leg Will Inspire You to Suck Less at Life (Video)

one-legged arkansas cheerleader patience beard

Warning: this story is going to make you feel really stupid for complaining about how your grande extra hot double soy latte had too much foam this morning.

The woman you see here is Arkansas Razorbacks football cheerleader Patience Beard. I know it sounds like I made that name up, but I did not. Unlike her left leg, that name is 100% real. Beard was born with a rare birth defect called proximal femoral focal deficiency, which means her leg was not formed properly. In some cases people with this defect just live with a slightly abnormal leg. But in other cases, such as Beard’s, it means amputation.

However—and here is the inspirational part—Patience has never let her lack of a left leg stop her from doing exactly what she wants. She just sets her mind to it and overcomes obstacles. Today, therefore, she is a Division I football cheerleader…with a pretty sweet zebra print artificial leg.

Check out her inspirational story. It will definitely inspire you to stop complaining and live life to the fullest:

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]